A new religion is born: are we living in a giant computer simulation?

Very recently, a theory has been gaining traction that ponders whether we are living in a giant computer simulation, not much unlike The Matrix:

The theory of life as simulated reality isn’t particularly new, but due to prevalence of computer technology in our daily lives, many agnostics and atheists attempt to fill their “God of the Gaps” argument with virtual reality instead.

For bizarre coincidences and the unexplained, chaos once attributed to God is now trendily attributed to some conniving developer toying with virtual reality settings.

There isn’t a name yet for this rising belief system, but because in every aspect it behaves like a religion it should be considered one.

Source: New Yorker

Of course, just as one might dismiss any particular religion for primarily filling gaps of scientific knowledge with the supernatural, one can dismiss simulation theory on the same basis.

Throughout history, recency and proximity bias have dictated religious trends. Because computer technology has dominated our lives in the past few decades, many can only think about how future conceptions of current technology may explain the inexplicable — finally easing the eternal fear of the unknown.

But that would be the case with during periods of rising popularity of any religion, and simulation theory is a modern manifestation of that archetype.

Logically speaking, what we don’t know but will discover decades in to the future may supersede the computer technology we are so fascinated with today. It may deviate wildly from quantum computing and be in a completely different realm we have no current understanding of.

And in that future time, the same old philosophical question will be attempted to be answered by this new found “God”.

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