An uptick in lottery hopefuls: my own economic recession indicator

My gadget and article Expected Value Calculator for Lotto Max and Lotto 6/49 and 3 ways of increasing your chances of winning in Lotto 6/49 and Lotto Max respectively have been two of my most popular articles since their inception, but in the past few months, there has been a surge of new visitors to those posts.

Now, if the jackpots were unusually high I would discount this uptick in lottery hopefuls and attribute it to usual western greed; however, Lotto Max has been sitting at an unimpressive jackpot of $40M and Lotto 6/49 around a paltry $10M. So what gives?

Fast forward to this week and we have witnessed a crash in stock markets, with the S&P/TSX composite dropping 1,761.64 points, or 12.34%, in a single day. Massive yield inversions and looming bankruptcies from levered up corporations point to a recession.

That isn’t a coincidence.  The market in this case appears to be a lagging indicator, and the trends I see in my lottery page visitor counts appear to be a forward indicator.  What we’re witnessing but not hearing from media outlets or the government is that people’s perceived wealth is rapidly evaporating.  Perhaps it’s the lack of real savings, meaningful labour and production as a result of unsustainable debt loads, and other Keynesian mistakes encouraging this downward economic spiral.

An alarmingly increasing number of Canadians appear to be seeking desperate quick-fixes to their personal financial disasters, and I’m afraid with all the money printing and rate cutting still going on in the world as a result of an impending depression, the root problems will just never be fixed — at least in our lifetimes.  I expect more visitors to my corner of the web as a result — and to all of you new here looking for financial shortcuts — welcome.

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