Canada’s Carbon Tax: Pay up or freeze to death

I am expecting fireplaces to gain in popularity as already financially pinched households attempt to keep warm in what has been a cold start to Winter for much of Canada.  Ironically, fires release carbon dioxide too. How will the government collect its tax for that?

Meanwhile, Australia, with a more temperate climate than Canada, has already ditched its carbon tax after a trial run of two years. Unlike Canada, they don’t need to run the furnace around the clock to prevent themselves from freezing to death, yet they still felt the negative economic impact enough to reverse their decision. The Wynne, Notley and Trudeau governments have made no assessment of Australia’s case and is going ahead with their robbery schemes anyway.

It is well known that any tax on businesses increase the cost of goods that are subsequently transferred to the consumer.  Just as likely, it causes businesses to move to a place where they are taxed less.  The net result: the government gets more of the taxpayer’s money, businesses head south (figuratively and literally), and global environmental impact remains negligible. If anything, the companies that move will just be moving their carbon emissions to the U.S, which will end up back in Canada via southerly winds.

Perhaps Canadians should start investing in U.S. fireplace manufacturing stocks to attempt to break even with the carbon tax.

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