CBC: Canada added 54,000 jobs last month. Reality: Canada lost nearly 100,000 productive jobs and replaced it with useless jobs

CBC recently published an intentionally vague article over the latest StatsCan report to paint a rosy economic picture for Canada and its government.

What the article ignores is the quality of the jobs over the quantity of the jobs created, instead touting the jobs and employment numbers designed to obfuscate the real facts.

Here are some tidbits from the actual StatsCan report summary that gives a more clear picture of Canada’s economic outlook:

From December 2015 to December 2016, employment increased by 2.0% in the service sector, while it declined by 1.6% in the goods-producing sector.


In 2016, employment in information, culture and recreation rose by 6.5% (+49,000) […] employment also increased in accommodation and food services (+2.6% or +31,000), construction (+2.0% or +27,000) and wholesale and retail trade (+1.4% or +38,000) […] There were more people employed in finance, insurance, real estate, rental and leasing (+3.5% or +39,000) in 2016. […] employment in natural resources fell 8.3% (-29,000) in 2016 […] In agriculture, employment was down by 4.7% (-14,000) […] The number of workers in manufacturing declined by 3.1% (-53,000).

And the least surprising statistic:

[…] the number of public sector employees increased by 2.0% (+71,000), driven by gains in public administration; information, culture and recreation; and health care and social assistance. The number of private sector employees rose by 1.9% (+222,000), with increases across a number of industries in the service sector.

What the state-run CBC fails to address that many sectors that actually contribute to real growth and wealth have lost a significant number of jobs, and are instead being replaced with service industry and public sector bureaucratic jobs (jobs that ultimately rely on taxpayers’ money to fund their salaries). The public sector and service industries produce no tangible, exportable goods or technology. Shuffling paper money around the country does not lead to true economic growth, contrary to Keynesian theory.

In summary, big government in Canada just got bigger in the past year and shows no signs of stopping.

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