Consider me blacklisted: James Damore’s lawsuit gives an inside glimpse of the Silicon Valley hive mind

Two unlikely heroes of rational thought and free speech emerged in 2017: Lindsay Shepherd and James Damore.  Both were, shall I dare say, victims of the group-thinking mob in their respective institutions: Lindsay at a Canadian university, and James at a Silicon Valley company.

Their offence?  Simply bringing up another side of the argument.

In the postmodern neo-Marxist environment that has infiltrated these institutions, viewpoint diversity is a big no-no. Instead, you are rewarded for regurgitating neo-Marxist platitudes like “diversity is a strength”, as long as that is not applied to viewpoint diversity, but along arbitrarily chosen lines of class such as race and gender.  It’s neo-Marxist because it is a mutation of the class division sowed by past Marxist regimes, employing perceived hierarchies different than the traditional proletariat-bourgeoisie.

The way that this ideology spreads is never through sound reasoning or debate, it is via the echo chamber that ensures logic never gets a chance to speak.  Opposing viewpoints in this case are equally threatening and thus quickly repelled from the chamber as it deviates from the pigeonholed thinking required to grow the hive mind.

Like the audio recording of Lindsay Shepherd’s kangaroo court trial, the class action lawsuit principally filed by James Damore and David Gudeman provides a glimpse of how bad the mob mentality has become, and how adherents to the ideology have achieved power via perceived moral authority, utilizing the newly chosen hierarchies to rationalize their totalitarian and unjust evictions of those that question the mob.  Here are a few select images from the lawsuit detailing the evolution of blacklists that tracked “dissidents”:

I have worked for big tech prior to the echo chambers being this strong.  Even as little as five years ago it wasn’t this bad.  But now I suppose, simply writing an article pointing out the replacement of science, reasoning and logic with postmodern ideology and one-dimensional thinking will land me on the blacklists.  Perhaps I will be shut out of tech forever if this ideology continues to spread at the rate that it has in the past decade.  That is the power of the mob and the blacklist.

It reminds me of the episode of Seinfeld where Elaine is going out with a commie, Ned Isakoff.  Ned, fully versed in communist (and reactive anti-communist) tactics, understands the fate bestowed upon those that get blacklisted by those in power (in this case, the Chinese restaurant “Hop Sing”):


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It will be interesting to see how this article, like my previous James Damore article, gets completely shut out of search engine rankings due to its wrong-think.

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