Does CP24 stand for Canadian Propaganda 24 hours a day?

Legacy media in collusion with Canadian government (federal, provincial and municipal) is tripling down on its efforts in Canada to control “mainstream” opinion.  In an article released by the Canadian Press, the brainwashing must begin from youth lest children discover that there are multiple sides of a story, usually found on the Internet and not through “trained media”.

A classroom program aimed at teaching Canadian elementary and high school students how to detect fake news in an era in which almost anyone can publish information is under development, groups behind the initiative said Tuesday.

Called NewsWise, the idea is to enhance general news literacy among students aged nine to 19, an increasingly important skill set when so many readily accessible news accounts are unreliable or simply fabricated.

“Fake news accelerates distrust in our institutions, including distrust of the trained media who spend so much time trying to hold the powerful to account,” David Walmsley, editor of The Globe and Mail, said in a statement.

The Canadian Press
Published Tuesday, September 19, 2017 4:05PM EDT

Let’s see what so called “trained media” has been offering Canadians before the Internet age:

  • One-way communication stream to the masses
  • No comment sections, or heavily regulated “editor approved only” comment sections in print media, which leads to …
  • No open debate of contentious topics
  • Agenda-driven content due to being publicly funded or funded by large corporations
  • Zero alternatives

Do the “trained media” hold the powerful to account? Not likely. They wouldn’t bite the hand that feeds them.

CBC is funded by the government, so clearly the more funding they get the more sucking up they do. It’s common for many liaisons to exist between the government and media as they are not mutually exclusive. The government can pass every bill they want if they control the channels of public persuasion: television and news print.

Toronto has the worst case of brainwashing. CP24, the 24-hour news station that is plastered in every corner of the Greater Toronto Area (doctors offices, subway tunnels, sports bars, shopping malls, banks — everywhere!) is owned by Bell Media. Bell Media, along with Rogers, to maintain their telecom monopoly are in cahoots with the government. Thanks to government intervention, their heavily regulated industry means that no small business competitors can overtake them (or even survive). Operating under the guise of maintaining fairness between consumer and conglomerate, the CRTC is a hoax, but is also a symbolic representation of the cronyism between Bell/Rogers and the government.

Contrast the biased content from CBC, CP24, Globe and Mail and other “trusted media” with content provided by independent journalists that do not pander to either governments or corporations. The “trusted media” likes to dismiss their side of the story as “fake news” and expects the obedient public to simply agree with them.

To process whether something is more likely to be “fake news” than not, it’s as simple as reading all sides of a story and then engaging in open dialogue. It’s no coincidence that legacy media outlets like CP24 and CBC rarely have open comment sections on their websites, whereas independent news sources have open and unregulated comment sections. The former wants to shut down debate as its side of the story is logically and factually flimsy.  The latter side wants open debate because it is not afraid of defending itself in the free market of ideas.

The legacy media corporations, the government and the overarching ideological institutions are tripling down on their efforts to control public opinion with their new NewsWise program. They are pushing back on open dialogue and are teaching young people how to think the way they want them to think. Yet another big brother program disguised with flowery language.

Keeping the Internet open is essential to avoiding a full transformation into a society depicted by Orwell’s 1984. It’s no wonder big tech and social media companies are also being infiltrated in an attempt to control information on the Internet as well.

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