Echo chambers: Facebook and social media need to be scrapped

Social media is perhaps the biggest misnomer today. Social media has played a major role in the rapid ascent of cultural Marxism that has enveloped academia, television, the press and urban centres in the past decade. The term “echo chamber” accurately describes this phenomenon, and illustrates a good reason to rename Facebook and the like as anti-social media:

Excerpt from Jordan Peterson’s Nov. 16, 2016 video (full video link)


The algorithms behind “Trending topics”, personalized Facebook feeds, Twitter feeds and YouTube video “Recommendations” are the driving forces behind social media technology. They will show only material that aligns with the user’s opinions, effectively filtering out any opposing viewpoints. Technologically and economically speaking for the social media companies, this business model works well in gaining repeat customers: users become addicted to the positive stimuli, hearing their viewpoints affirmed by thousands of friends, followers and others sharing similar sentiments. Socially and long-term economically speaking for society, however, these algorithms are nefarious, because it becomes extremely difficult for users to step back and analyze ideas from an independent, objective, and rational perspective. The current trend we are on, particularly now with these companies identifying and blocking what they deem to be “fake news”, is being forced to live in their echo chamber: a chamber that echoes the values of cultural Marxism, political correctness and economic socialism. This is not far from the propaganda campaigns that led to the rise of murderous Communist societies in the past.

Coupled with the fact that social media has also bred high levels of narcissism and hedonism, I would say the cons of social media significantly outweigh the pros. Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites need to be scrapped. Get rid of the recommendation and social media feed algorithms. Better yet, get off Facebook, step back into reality and get to know the rest of the world.

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Playing a game at is one way to escape the social media echo chamber.

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