EU Threatening Facebook and Twitter for not censoring “hate speech” and “fake news”

Article from right-leaning site:

Article from left-leaning site:

Related to my earlier post about Fake News, technology companies need to tell the European Union to buzz off.  The technology companies should merely be transporters of the message, not moderators of the message, and if the European Union wants to behave like China in their attempts to control the media narrative, they can blacklist access to Google, Facebook and Twitter using a similar Great Firewall of Europe.

“Fake news” and “hate speech”, if suppressed, will only cause malicious ideas to incubate. Free speech, on the other hand, will put on full display the opinions of the prejudiced and resentful, and in the free market of ideas they will likely be humiliated by reason, and subsequently those feelings of malice will subside. Censoring those opinions will only make fringe movements stronger in the Internet “black markets” where such speech is not met with any opposition. If Facebook and Twitter continue censorship, essentially telling you what to think, it is time for the public to move to more open and freer spaces.

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If you’re tired of fake news calling each other fake news, then you might like because it doesn’t publish any news.

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