How’s that “social media” working out for you? Survey says millennials the loneliest generation

The generation that grew up with smartphones and so-called “social media” are most likely to respond that they feel lonely.

No surprise there.

Despite overwhelming evidence from psychological studies and plain old common sense that says Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat are bad for you psychologically, people still cling to the notion that these “social media” apps help them feel and stay “connected”. I guess clinging to that notion is a by-product of the brainwashing disseminated from the platforms’ curated “trending” content.

Couple this with the rise in cultural Marxist sentiment in western society, fostered by academia, government institutions and traditional media, and we’re starting to feel more and more like living a Communist regime where paranoia keeps people in check — no one can speak freely anymore.

In fear of accidentally saying the wrong thing and then being ratted out by your overly politically correct informant peers, everyone is constantly walking on eggshells. No one wants to face the wrath of the unforgiving social media mob.

And with the erosion of actual communities and trust comes the rise of isolation and loneliness.  It’s Communism on a global scale. One big centrally planned dystopia. It’s that feeling of anonymity and isolation within big cities that replaces the more pleasant feeling of individuality and family you get within smaller tight-knit communities.

It’s also no surprise that when someone stops using Facebook and Twitter, they more often than not say it was one of the best decisions they’ve ever made.

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