If the government plays such a big role in the outcome of everyone’s life, perhaps it has gotten too big

It’s getting to a point where the government is deciding what you’re going to eat for dinner.

Day in day out, you can’t get by a single day without hearing about politics. All the mind-numbing passive activities like social media, television and movies are inundated with political messages, pandering and demanding that the government do this or that.

These blog articles are no exception to the constant attention politics demands. The mere fact that a substantial amount of recent blog posts are addressing politics is surely a sign how big and uncontrolled western governments have become. The individual and the community have been replaced with a giant nanny state that can’t be ignored. Big government really is the elephant in the room.

There are only a few things that a nation needs to be managed at a national level: security through military, international representation through diplomats, road-building and infrastructure, and perhaps a few others that could truly be deemed as common interests among everyone.

Everything else is forced compliance bound to annoy a large fraction of the population that don’t want the frivolities desired by the other fraction (or perhaps nobody desires them at all except a handful of powerful lobbyists that manage to persuade enough citizens to blindly support their lobbies).

If government was small enough to leave those frivolities to impact a much smaller segment of the population then the perpetual political outrage would be dramatically reduced.

If you let the parents of a family decide what to have for dinner, perhaps it’s just the kids that will be pouting, disappointed it’s not pizza.  If you let the government decide what they’re having for dinner, then chances are the entire family will be pouting, disappointed day in and day out, alongside 50% or more of all other families across the nation.

This advice scales to the community, city, and provincial/state level.  The idea is not to remove government completely, but to limit the power of any level of government by allocating issues as close to individual governance as possible.  This ensure maximum freedom and not resorting to anarchy.  Let city issues be handled by the municipal government, family issues be handled by the family, and individual issues be handled by the individual.

As soon as federal and provincial governments start dabbling in areas normally reserved for the community and family, like this entire “social justice” moral brigade for example, they have overstepped their duties.

Welfare systems are another example that should never be handled at a federal level. Responsible citizens, families, cities, provinces and states don’t want to have to be saddled with the federal debt and deficits to make up for the lack of fiscal responsibility of others. How welfare would be handled at a familial or community level is different, as each individual would know the circumstances of every any other individual. Perhaps the needy are really stricken by illness or down on their luck, or perhaps they’re just deadbeats that rely on the government teat, constantly voting for more dole so they never have to contribute to society. Who knows what reality is when the current system is managed on such a broad and anonymous scale. But if welfare is managed at a municipal or community level, it reduces the likelihood of miscreants while maintaining humanity.

Since you can’t satisfy everyone all of the time, that dissatisfaction should be minimized. Stop asking the federal and provincial governments to siphon more control from the individual in order to try to please everyone. No one is all-seeing and perfect, and thus shouldn’t have the power to heavily influence the life path of individuals that make up the nation. Everyone is unique, and there are so few issues in everyone’s lives that can be solved by a blanket solution. Chances are whatever the federal and provincial governments propose as solutions to seemingly global problems solves nothing in the long run, and instead exacerbates the continual problem that they have no interest in solving at all: a growing nanny-state and the ballooning deficits and taxes that come with it.

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