June 7 Ontario Elections: the illusion of choice

With every passing election, it becomes clearer that all electable parties (i.e. the only ones who are given a platform on media, namely the NDP, Liberals and Tories) are three varieties of the same poison: big government.

The conservatives, technically speaking, are supposed to promote smaller government. But we know that not to be the case, as interventionist policies have now become the norm as is demonstrated by the so-called conservatives south of the border.

Debt and deficits are part and parcel of living in a western society. The economy is teetering on the brink of complete annihilation, cleverly masked with the circulation of fake wealth thanks to artificially low interest rates and endless government and consumer spending. It is setting up a debt-driven bubble destined to have a deafening pop that will surpass all prior Keynesian driven bubbles in history. Hardly anyone is recognizing this because no political party is talking about it, and neither is the proxy media.

Will the Tories, if elected to a majority, rollback some of the dangerous policies of recent past such as the reform to the school curriculum and the minimum wage? Or will all past mistakes of expanding government become permanent fixtures, as the heat in the pot gradually increases to boil the frog inside? In this lethal experiment, we, the residents and taxpayers, are the frogs. We are the experimental lab rats of big government and cronyists’ endless social and economic experiment to ensure that their pockets are padded and their psychological control over the masses usurps any power left remaining with the individual.

And it remains clear that it doesn’t matter who we elect as all politicians have been given the green light by the public to intervene to their hearts’ desire to “fix” problems they introduced in the first place. Wynne pleads for a few seats in parliament to ensure a “balance” and that no one party has majority control.

I beg to differ: big government is stably in control, projected to win all 107 seats in parliament, no matter who you vote for.

I would love to see the next generation of politicians cut their own jobs and destructive policies, thereby reducing debt and the need for higher taxes, giving autonomy back to communities and the individual, and generally getting out of the private affairs of citizens. But I’m not going to hold my breath waiting.

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