“Paid for by the Government of Ontario” Part 2: education, the ETFO, and the makings of a Brave New World

Paid for by the Government of Ontario is a multi-part series of articles detailing the rampant government intervention in the province of Ontario, Canada. The line is borrowed from the sign-off of government sponsored commercials that air on radio, television and other media. It reflects their in-your-face approach of using tax dollars against its own citizens in pursuit of its ideological agendas, expanding their size, control and power, and taking away more freedom from the individual.

Get them while they’re young.

If you can brainwash them early, you will own them forever.

This appears to be the strategy adopted by the public schooling system in Ontario, funneling the citizens’ taxes towards indoctrination of their own children so that every successive generation becomes more compliant than the last, fully ceding their moral compass and will to the overseeing state.

The dystopia illustrated in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World doesn’t differ that much from current day Ontario, sadly.  Children in that fictional dystopia are taught all about Marxist-esque class and identitarian ideology. They are taught to embrace the division that is stealthily sowed by the system, with flowery language to hide the ulterior motive of total state control. It is a religion masked as a non-religion.

In real world Canada and in much of western society, that new religion is branded “social justice”.  In what should simply be a non-issue had we just followed Martin Luther King’s advice to judge people by their character and not by the colour of their skin, Ontario, Canada and many other ideologically owned societies fully flush out ways to identify people along arbitrarily chosen lines, and classify them accordingly.  It is behaviour that is as racist, sexist, classist, and every other -ist imaginable — something they purportedly seek to eradicate but in reality are encouraging to the highest degree.

Only under this indoctrination system are now children hyper-aware of factors beyond their control.  Take a look at the public school book list proposed by the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO):

The focus on class division and forced equity is crucial. As with all growing states and governments, creating problems that should never had been problems in the first place, and then proposing itself as the solution to such problems, is the gateway to eternal power. Just like Brave New World, the utter confusion created by denying natural biology and basic human instinct is met with state-proposed solutions. Citizens rely on the state to sort out the manufactured problems.

Affirmative action, for example, is one unnatural solution preached by the clergy. The emphasis on gender parity in the Cabinet, at both the provincial and federal government level, is clear evidence of this. Ignoring all natural variance of skill and thought within the arbitrarily chosen classes of male and female, the rational use of science and probability is discarded in favour of irrational ideology. It is no longer hiring based on individual merit, ignoring factors beyond the control of the individuals, it is instead hiring based on the class du jour, in this case, gender, to reach the unnatural Holy Grail of equity sought by the doctrine.

Affirmative action, by design, is a top-level decision. Trusting the perceived higher authority as the “moral” thing to do replaces the logically right thing to do. Those at the top are the moral trendsetters. Like Ford’s Brave New World in which the creator is seen as a deity, the citizenry are left worshiping the actions of its leaders — the state — who have illegitimately gained control of the individuals at the bottom by acting as God.

This is why the language of publicly funded propaganda and school curricula employs psychological manipulation to give the impression of the state being a moral leader. Without a grasp of the underlying psychology, the odds are low seeing the cult-like ulterior motives in curricula described like the following:

We’re Erasing Prejudice for Good, is organized using ten monthly themes: Self-Esteem, Sharing Our Lives, Peace, Building Supportive Communities, Rights of the Child, Caring Hands, Untie the Knots of Prejudice, Local and Global Citizenship, True Worth and Beauty, and Circles and Cycles.

The family, the community and the church no longer have their role in developing a child’s moral compass — they have all been replaced by the state.

Much of the citizenry just don’t know it and are paying for their own demise. When children are ideologically brainwashed, it just becomes that much tougher to think for themselves when they grow up and will look up to the state deities for perpetual guidance.

Now, many children raised in the West are obsessed with playing the class identity game, proud of their arbitrarily chosen classifications. They are exploiting the game to the maximum extent by siding with groups perceived as the most “oppressed” at the time, just to get a taste of that unearned superiority that comes with it. Anyone that has escaped a Communist dictatorship or have ancestors that escaped from such regimes knows full well what happens when successive generations of students can only think in terms of class and not the individual.

We are nowhere close to having a properly functioning government, primarily one that separates church and state. The religion of “social justice” and the Ontario government are almost completely fused together, and it clearly shows in the public school system to those that can take a step back and recognize it.

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