“Paid for by the Government of Ontario” Part 3: The OLG

Paid for by the Government of Ontario is a multi-part series of articles detailing the rampant government intervention in the province of Ontario, Canada. The line is borrowed from the sign-off of government sponsored commercials that air on radio, television and other media. It reflects their in-your-face approach of using tax dollars against its own citizens in pursuit of its ideological agendas, expanding their size, control and power, and taking away more freedom from the individual.

In the game of entrepreneurship, business and marketing, crown corporations are playing on God mode. They take the word “free” out of “free market”. With the lawmakers and regulators on your side, competition is non-existent and the nation is your sandbox.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) is a perfect example of this gross malpractice. You see and hear endless commercials fiddling with the emotions of its own citizens, the same citizens that pay tax and are burdened with provincial deficits to fund those commercials.

Only a government sponsored corporation like the OLG can get away with such an immoral practice. While signalling the moral necessity to regulate gambling for the supposed compassion of its citizens, their actions hypocritically do not follow suit by relentlessly advertising their crooked games.

When you strangle the average citizen with runaway inflation, higher taxes and lower purchasing power, that makes the draw of winning the lottery more attractive. The government and these crown corporations are incentivized to impoverish the nation, just to the right degree, to increase their profits, maintain their monopolies and to keep the alleged “free market” rigged in their favour. A delicate balance is maintained between despotism and pseudo-capitalism such that the citizenry remains complacent and docile while their freedom and wealth are slowly transferred to the cronies.

As long as the OLG signs off their advertisements with “play responsibly”, the OLG can maintain that veneer of morality, and thus justify preventing anyone else by law and regulation from opening up a competing casino, racetrack, or lottery of their own. Prior to “play responsibly” comes blasts of “imagine the freedom”, advertising disproportionate and paltry jackpots, and games with house edges that exceed 50%.

As the old adage goes, the house always wins. The house in this instance is the ever expanding nanny-state government, except this nanny has no intention of actually being a caregiver, rather a swindler just posing as one.

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