“Paid for by the Government of Ontario” Part 1: reminding us daily who our owners are

By now if you have recently listened to the radio, or God forbid, watched television like CP24 (whether voluntarily or by force, seeing how it is plastered all over the GTA), you will have likely come across a series of advertisements with a sign-off that sears in to your memory:

Paid for by the Government of Ontario

What a slap in the face.  Advertising is not cheap, and the amount of ad space exchanged for money and favours between media companies and the provincial government are disturbing and alarming.  Nothing rubs salt in the wound more than increased deficit spending and wasted taxpayer revenue to finance propaganda that rationalizes stealing yet more money from you and granting themselves and their cohorts more power through unnecessary legislation.

In this series of articles, I will go over some egregious examples of how much the nanny-state has intervened in the lives of Ontarians, and in a broader sense, the lives of Canadians.  These are examples that from an outside perspective would look like obvious corruption, but those living in Ontario have been so desensitized that they are unable to question the ulterior motives. It’s like how the world sees the obvious issues in North Korea that North Koreans are blind to (or powerless to change).

It’s Stockholm syndrome.  It is Orwell’s 1984 creeping in to 2018.

We have slowly but surely transitioned from the original purpose of government. Government doesn’t serve the people, the people now serve the government.

These “paid for by the Government of Ontario” advertisements are a prime example.  The condescending street signs on the highways issuing passive-aggressive “advice” like a smothering mother is another.

Gambling: Don’t worry, the nanny-state is supposedly protecting you from that.  It’s bad and immoral to gamble, but according to the government, it’s fine if you gamble with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

Alcohol: it’s bad for you. But it’s fine if you fuel your vice through the Liquor Control Board of Ontario.

Marijuana: it’s bad for you. That justifies you having to buy it through the government as well (for your well-being so you’re told).

And the list goes on: the overreaching Ontario Human Rights Commission, postmodernized public school curriculi, obligatory wind farms, subsidized electric cars, licensing for everything including something as innocuous as hairdressing, Drive Clean tests, etc., etc.

The Government of Ontario supposedly knows what’s best for you, and they’re not afraid to say it right to your face.

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