Postmodern deconstruction and cultural Marxism all stem from a single paradox

At 0:43 of a video clip I posted, “Mathematics has a race?”, David Millard Haskell references the single paradox for which postmodern theory is entirely predicated on:


Haskell notices the absurd objective of the text “Race, Class and Gender”, a staple of all courses in academia driving the current wave of postmodernism:

Objectivity as found through rational thought, is a western and masculine concept that we will challenge throughout this text.

The statement itself is interesting.  Postmodernism must mimic “rational thought” at exactly this one point in time, in its challenge of objectivity and rational thought as stated above, to permit it to invalidate all other rationality and objectivity in the world and replace it with its own interpretation.

Postmodernism is hypocritical.  In order to believe that everything has infinite interpretations in order to discredit any singular, logical interpretation, it needs to assume that the one piece of logic it requires to validate that theory must be true. But if under its own theory that all logic is a “construct”, then the argument it stands on must also not be true if one were to be consistently logical from the above statement and onward.

You can’t appeal to logic as a basis to discredit logic itself.  But that in itself is a logical statement, and thus by its own admission, it should be challenging its own premise.

I think it’s time to drop the word “science” from postmodern “social science” courses, because in abandoning objectivity they are not allowed to use the tools of objectivity, the primary driver of science.  Logic should never be used to back up postmodern claims because it is predicated on an illogical paradox. Those that believe postmodernism are disallowed to use logic in a debate, as it is hypocritical to do so and nullified by their own theories. As for the rest of us that use and observe the natural, reproducible laws of logic, math and science, we should not give postmodernism and its ugly lovechild, cultural neo-Marxism, the slightest bit of attention due to its immediate failure to be consistent. Postmodern thought dismisses all logic aside from its singular stance for which all postmodern theory is based on.

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