Rising Hydro: Wynne and Trudeau tag team to put Ontario into poverty

Climate change, carbon taxes, green energy, rebates.  For a province and country so rich in natural resources, such that it has a large surplus to export to the northern United States, its own citizens are getting ripped off badly for using their own natural resources. The current government, with its entire arsenal of buzzwords to justify raking its citizens over the coals regarding energy usage, continues to demand more money in the form of carbon taxes and rising hydro prices, only to squander it on their ineffective green energy projects.  The cost has increased so much that in some cases, monthly hydro bills have exceeded monthly incomes:

Hucul’s monthly bill is $309, even though she doesn’t heat with hydro, doesn’t have a dishwasher, dries clothes by her wood stove and doesn’t leave lights on outside. Eight years ago her bill was $80.

Food bank users unable to afford hydro: group

While the government creates the problem, it simultaneously proposes itself as the solution to the problem — an effective strategy to stay in power and continue siphoning money from the peasants. Offering “rebates” and other forms of “tax relief” is a sick joke on Canadian taxpayers.

Man-made climate change, if real (and that’s a big “if” considering all the religiously fanatical environmental propaganda floating around), isn’t defeated with carbon taxes and levies on energy bills. Energy independence is best achieved if that money is kept by the people, energy costs are minimized, so that private enterprises have more finances and flexibility to discover sustainable, clean energy solutions.

Instead, everyone is forced into a rut, with all the cash of taxpayers and small, private businesses funneled through the incompetent, technologically inept and unskilled government that supposedly knows the solution to solving the problems of global warming (now known as climate change, or global cooling in the 1970s, or whatever they decide to label their fabricated problems these days).

Canada, having a population of less than 3% of China’s, shouldn’t even be meddling with carbon taxes and higher electricity prices. Focus on enterprise and sell the solutions to China. That would make a real impact both economically and environmentally. Canadian taxpayers are now encouraged to live a 19th century lifestyle to make ends meet, and any reduction of so-called “carbon emissions” and energy usage achieved is infinitesimal compared to China’s daily environmental impact.

Canada, and Ontario particularly, needs to take a stand and tell the government to take a hike on their tax hikes. Stop feeding the monster before it demands more.

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