Rising separatist sentiment in Canada signals a federal government that has grown too big

I have refrained from posting anything politically related for my own protection as tech companies and governments at all levels are actively censoring contrary opinions. Word spreads too quickly to have your life ruined because you have an independent mind. More often the individual that thinks critically from first principles succumbs to mobs that deem such opinions as “dangerous”.

But in the wise words of Gad Saad, the logical thinkers and the silent majority need to become louder. It is now necessary to speak up as big corporations, academia, government and media have all teamed up to shout down logic and independent thought. If my words end up with me being denied the necessary means to live and support myself here, I will take that as not being welcome in my own country or province where I was born and raised. I will bring my business and skills elsewhere in the world that want them.

After a federal election that painted Canada in the most colorful map in election history, I have to come back out from hiding and point out the obvious which will not be mentioned by mainstream news outlets:

It’s not that Canada is as divided as it ever was (which is true), it’s that the federal government has grown to be the biggest it has ever been.

Source: Canadian Propaganda 24 hours a day (cp24.com)

When there is now serious discussion in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Quebec to separate from Canada, it is a signal that the federal government has become too big. It has always been big, but now it has become blatant. Every passing piece of legislation aims to steal from one swathe of the population, only to have 90%+ of that productivity siphoned and the remaining bread crumbs scattered to the takers. Every passing piece of legislation aims to remove more individual rights and freedom, because apparently a bunch of bureaucrats that don’t have the ability to produce anything of value in real life insist that they know what’s best for you.

With just 33% of the popular vote, if the incumbents think they still have the right to dictate how the other 67% should conduct their daily lives, they need to be hit with reality. I encourage the separation of Canada in this case as it will be the only way to restore what western civilization once was: nations built upon the individual and the community, not big government.

And in order to restore more decisions, responsibility and freedom to the individual, you will need to peel the top layer of bureaucrat leeches off to get there. Canada used to be united under a set of shared values, but as the federal government grew bigger to push their particular set of values on everyone, that shared set of core values has been eroded.

Let the provinces do their own thing, let communities of shared values do their own thing, and most importantly, let individual people do their own thing.

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