Sebastian Junger knows about the dangers of social media

Sebastian Junger, a journalist, author and filmmaker, uses an anthropological view to hypothesize that social media has cultivated anti-social tendencies.

Some choice quotes from his interview with Joe Rogan:

I just looked around. I’m an anthropologist and I’m interested in human behavior, and I look at the behavior, like literally the physical behavior of people with smartphones, and it looks anti-social unhappy and anxious.  I don’t want to look like that, and I don’t want to feel how I think those people feel.

The problem is when people want to be socially connected constantly, no matter what they’re doing, I think that keeps people from fully experiencing what they’re actually doing.

The thing about social media is that it sort of weaponizes blandness. It gives people a platform for the most mundane, uninteresting aspects of their lives because they have to constantly be producing some kind of output of communication.

Anxiety rates in teenagers have skyrocketed. Anxiety partly comes from a painful self-awareness and of course that’s amplified by social media because you can never escape the opinions of your peers. That’s crippling for most people.

Of course, he shares the same outlook as this blog, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, knowing the psychological harm of social media, particularly when it is wed with the smart phone.

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