SHOW YOUR WORK! Part 2: Canadian government, stop passing legislation without proof of necessity

As a follow-up to yesterday’s article, let’s shift focus to the debt-spending tactics of the federal government, whose nefarious end goals are the same as the Ontario provincial government, but are much more transparent.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau is a little less careful with his words as the ulterior motive behind their so-called “progressive” policies are made obvious.

In two Canadian Press articles that report on Morneau’s remarks about the economy and the federal budget a few weeks ago, it is evident that the fiscal policies that revolve around “closing the gender gap” and “getting women into the workforce” is to push the Keynesian nonsense to its extremes. And we know that the Keynesian nonsense (in its modern applied sense, against Keynes’ theoretical intentions) is used to transfer wealth and power away from the individual to the bureaucrats and does so in a sneaky fashion, as its malevolence hides behind veneers of progressivism and fake economic numbers boosted by debt and fractional reserve banking.

What the powers that be really desire from focusing on women in the workforce: maximize government income (tax revenue, primarily) by working as many people to death, put more burden on the average family and impose even more regulation and legislation on the citizenry. After all, we went from having a rapidly growing, innovative economy decades ago where only one parent needed to work to support a family to today: the “progressive” push for everyone to work.

Morneau does not hide this intent at all and it should be apparent to everyone that they like enforcing “equality” as a means to their ends:

The budget, as expected, puts a large emphasis on gender equality, particularly with efforts to increase the participation of women in the workforce as part of a longer-term plan to grow the economy and prepare for the consequences of an aging population.

“We know that the way to best impact our long-term demographics is to get every Canadian with a real and fair chance not only work, but to have really good work, and we start with women,” Morneau said before the budget was tabled.

“If half of our population are held back, we’re just not going to be as successful.”

The Canadian Press, February 27, 2018

And there it is, straight from the horse’s mouth. It’s not about equal opportunity (which we already have) it’s about getting everyone working, even if unnecessarily, to reduce the standard of living we once had to support the massively growing federal government and its liabilities.

An “aging population” wouldn’t be so much a problem if we experienced the same economic freedom we had prior to the debt-spending mania decades ago around the 1950’s. At that time, debt-spending was not en vogue. Going into debt was known to lower standards of living in order to finance expensive wars. That bit of common sense was thrown out the window after the inception of modern economic theory that gave rise to fractional reserves, massive government intervention and cronyism. There was a period of extravagance and rapid innovation that brought about computers, airplanes, automobiles, kitchen appliances and more for the short period that followed when the effects of modern Keynesian policies could not be felt yet after wartime austerity and low debt. We had the baby boom. Then the current trend of debt-spending to finance expensive governments was started.

All that real progress ground to a halt, and now we’re left with an inverted population pyramid, completely stalled on innovation and production, because the reality of the economy is that we’re too indebted by the spend-happy baby boomer generation, unable to relive those productive and booming times unless we undo all the frivolous spending habits now baked into the system.

While the minister left the corporate tax rate unchanged, the government spending plan did include cash on several fronts to help Canadian businesses and further its key priorities including supporting women in the workforce.

The government said it will make $1.4 billion available over three years in new financing for women entrepreneurs through the Business Development Bank as well as $250 million over three years through Export Development Canada for financing and insurance for women-owned and women-led businesses.

The budget also included $105 million over five years to regional development agencies to support investment in businesses led by women and $10 million over five years to connect women with expanded export services.

The Canadian Press, February 27, 2018

Using postmodern neo-Marxist arguments like “closing the wage gap” as justification for bigger government in the form of affirmative action and wealth transfer is another means to demand more bureaucracy despite having no proof of necessity, as was illustrated with the Ontario provincial government in yesterday’s article. Equality of opportunity has always existed, but with a lot of the brainwashing happening in academia and media to convince the public otherwise, the job is now much easier to force yet even more taxation and wealth redistribution, lest taxpayers want to be considered “misogynist bigots”.

Meanwhile, while all this underhandedness is going on, the federal government has the nerve to say that our economy is stronger than ever, again without showing their work. A simple balance sheet outlining assets over liabilities shows perpetual growth in interest costs that puts the citizenry on the accelerating debt treadmill, and net wealth is actually on a downward descent, particularly when accounting for the looming correction of artificially suppressed interest rates.

It doesn’t take much math to show how we’ve transitioned from an economy where the value of work was met with fair trade due to low inflation, to the current case where more than double the work is required to have the same purchasing power as our ancestors had around the 1950’s.  It doesn’t take much work to show that Keynesian policies have been a disaster for the citizenry, but a boon for the bureaucrats and ideologues dictating how we should live our lives and spend our own money.  When they start redistributing the citizen’s production and accumulated wealth through higher taxes, higher deficits, looking for more ways to obtain power and erode freedoms to keep this Ponzi scheme going, don’t believe for one second that Canada is doing great economically. For if we were, we wouldn’t be in so much debt in the first place.

This is where Keynesian economics shines: in its obfuscation of the true state of the economy, it persuades everyone to continue to volunteer a worse standard of living merely by claiming without valid proof that everyone’s standard of living is rising. They state a falsehood and then credit government intervention and spending for everyone’s alleged newfound fortune.

How long can these finance ministers go in saying “everything is great” while we continually owe more and more in debt and interest payments? How long does the public go thinking that yet even more spending is the solution to wasteful spending of decades past that has eroded the power of investment and savings, investments that used to finance business and innovation and had compounding growth, that now instead go towards the exponentially growing debt and compounding interest liabilities?

No mathematical proof can justify more spending, particularly when we have the past fifty years or so to measure its effectiveness. The math just doesn’t add up. And that’s what happens when no one demands the government to show their work.

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