Social media and software are NOT utilities — don’t ask for it to be regulated

In Part 3 of my four part series of the dangers of social media, I made a case stating the dangers of intertwining government with tech companies.

Once you set precedent for government intervention, the Pandora’s box of totalitarianism and total state control is opened. Look no further than China to see how tightly the narrative is controlled as a forewarning.

Regulation almost always is self-serving rather than serving the interest of the population. By virtue of regulation, you are designating a group of people other than yourself to act as your moral arbiters. If you can recognize your own ability to be malevolent in a game theoretical situation, then you shouldn’t expect lawmakers to be benevolent. In the end, big government will watch out for itself first and foremost, and its citizens last.

What’s the easiest way to prevent perceived monopolies like Facebook and Twitter?

Simple. Stop using them.

They are not necessary services. In fact, the entire four part series details how they are not just unnecessary, but destructive as well. The cons substantially outweigh the pros.

According to this Yahoo! article, there is some push back happening in the Supreme Court from Microsoft to not be obliged to release private data at the government’s whim. The tech companies, Microsoft included, aren’t willing to part with their big data for free.  It will be exchanged when there is mutual benefit. In the most common case, lobbying power and government kickbacks are offered.

Again, to prevent the potential technocracy or the cronyism that comes from big governments, the simple “free market” solution, with the amount of “free” that’s still left in it, is to simply stop supporting the technocrats. No one needs an Amazon Echo spy device in their home, or the latest Samsung Spy TV to watch the latest Netflix propaganda.

It is mutually beneficial to support as much as possible small companies that aren’t power hungry and are more focused on building a product for you. Take a look at alt-tech if you must use social media.

Make the mutual benefit between you and small businesses rather than the unholy alliance between conglomerates and big government.

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