Trudeau’s failed trade talks: are Canadians finally seeing through the smoke and mirrors?

All show and no go.  When aesthetic is chosen over practicality and effectiveness, we get the current situation with the Trudeau government.

Not to say that any of the other choices were particularly great at the last election, but it was just a matter of time Canada would embarrass themselves internationally with the choice of Trudeau as Prime Minister, p… Read more

Keynesian economics is one big persuasion tactic to grow the government and central banks

Like the postmodern movement, the rise of Keynesian theory in academia in the past century has led to government institutions wielding more power than they merit. The general public doesn’t really understand this recent interpretation of economics, so they are encouraged to trust a group of economic “experts” to sort it out for them.… Read more

Does CP24 stand for Canadian Propaganda 24 hours a day?

Legacy media in collusion with Canadian government (federal, provincial and municipal) is tripling down on its efforts in Canada to control “mainstream” opinion.  In an article released by the Canadian Press, the brainwashing must begin from youth lest children discover that there are multiple sides of a story, usually found on the Inter… Read more