The brainwashing is real: Jeremy Lam, “his” culture, and the prom dress

Cultural Marxism rears its ugly head again in the social media cesspool.

This time, Twitter user Jeremy Lam (@jere_bare) had the wherewithal to speak on behalf of 1.5 billion Chinese (and apparently me included). Stereotyping anyone with Chinese ancestry to great irony by grouping us all as like-minded thinkers and not individuals, he accuses a stranger of being culturally insensitive to score moral grandstanding points with his inner circle of comrades:

The 150,000+ likes and 35,000+ retweets is a reminder how real and widespread the postmodernist brainwashing is, how echo chambers and group-think dominate social media, and how thinking logically from first principles is currently an antiquated notion.

It should be obvious to anyone outside the group-think bubble and not “educated” by ideology-driven humanities courses to dissect everything inconsistent in Jeremy Lam’s gobbledygook. But for anyone that thinks his tirade has an iota of argumentative merit, let Jerry Seinfeld remind you why Jeremy Lam is immediately off-base:


The “victim” — for a lack of a better word — of the lynch mobbing, Keziah, does the right thing and does not apologize to the bullies. She states plainly why she wore the dress:

Paraphrasing Seinfeld: if she likes the Chinese and the beautiful dress, how can that be racist?

Well, in the eyes of the identitarians, it apparently is.

“Patriarchal oppression”, “activism”, “gender equality” are cues in Jeremy Lam’s thread that signal utter brainwashing and a lack of critical thought, regurgitating Marxist platitudes that would earn him A’s in his university class. Well, let’s continue his trend of straight up discrimination and generalizations and say that he certainly lacks the mathematical and logical rigor Chinese students are typically assumed to possess.

Let’s note that he lives in a western society. Utah, to be exact. I would likely be right in thinking that he doesn’t have any genetic makeup from the original inhabitants of North America. Following his logic (or lack thereof), he should deport himself back to his “homeland” where he can no longer culturally appropriate Americans. Besides, speaking English and wearing jeans are insensitive since he’s not pure laine American or Utahn. And let’s not forget the anglicized name, “Jeremy”.

In fact in Jeremy Lam’s insane world, we have to pick a point in time where cultures are rigid and non-overlapping. We then have to ensure everyone’s race and group identities are clear cut. We can then divide ourselves via these arbitrarily definitions and take great care not to admire anything from one another’s culture lest we commit the same treasonous act that Keziah apparently did with her dress.

I think the greatest irony of all to those observing outside of the bubble is that Lam’s ancestors survived or escaped from Communist rule, from the Cultural Revolution and the Red Guard that thoroughly promoted group identity and obliteration of the individual. Now Lam himself has become part of the new western version of the Red Guard — i.e., alumni and current students of postmodern academia. Evidenced by his Twitter feed, he is fully on board importing the violent Chinese culture and mindset stemming from the Great Leap Forward that resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of “his” people. Given his self-proclaimed deep knowledge of Chinese culture and the qi pao dress, he must surely know about Dà Yuèjìn and the Great Famine.

Jeremy, spare me from your identity politics and please and don’t ever lump me in the same group as you, or any group for that matter.

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