The Internet is accelerating the decay of personal relationships


It is probably the top requirement to make interpersonal relationships last.

While certainly not the only factor given the gradual destruction of family values via legislation (e.g. no-fault divorce), media and education (e.g. promotion of promiscuity, degeneracy, and neo-Marxist doctrine in general), the Internet doesn’t help in cultivating the patience and attention span required to maintain lasting relationships.

This insightful comment from the Jonathan Haidt “Facebook is a social catastrophe” video succinctly describes the problem:


I think it is fair to hypothesize that the Internet has groomed society to having the lowest levels of patience and willpower in history.

At the slightest hint of boredom or discomfort, people now retreat to their smartphones. YouTube and Netflix give them a quick escape. Their local echo chamber on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or SnapChat can falsely give a feeling of company while in reality it isolates them from much needed face-to-face contact.

In other words, the Internet has given quick and unlimited access to escape pods at times when people face hardship and need to learn how to negotiate that discomfort. People no longer know how to live without a constant stream of dopamine, something that inevitably occurs when relationships go past their honeymoon phase. That foreign feeling of not being “on a high” makes the post-honeymoon phase intolerable for the Internet generation.

Add on top of that the pile of attention and choice of alternatives “bored” partners get on social media and hookup sites like Tinder, and you have a recipe for a series of unhappy, short-lived relationships.

Impatience begets more impatience. When parents are too impatient to work on disciplining their children, the children will become impatient too.  Lazy parents already rely on in-car media players, tablets and other electronic gadgets to “look over” their children so they don’t have to, not realizing it is getting the children hooked on that dopamine stream, which creates the self-perpetuating feedback loop of growing impatience.

While I think the Internet is a breakthrough in terms of dispersion of knowledge and advancing technology, when mismanaged by those without awareness of the psychological dangers, I think the Internet is causing more harm to society than most people anticipate.

I’d say the Internet in its current form of use (emphasized by social media and limitless distractions) is a major contributor to the decline of fertility and family values in western culture, and I would wager there are many scientific studies to back my hypothesis up.  Couple this with the rise of postmodern neo-Marxist ideology and degeneracy and we are well on our way to making families and long-term relationships extinct.

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