The Justin Trudeau Political Corrector

Learn how to speak like Justin Trudeau!  Replace all instances of ill-perceived gender discrimination with a gender neutral equivalent using this translator. Help accelerate the demise of the English language and all gendered languages like Canada’s other official language: French.

Learn how to sow more class division in society and reap the rewards of overt political correctness by introducing draconian laws that benefit no one except the moral arbiters drafting such laws. Learn how to gradually create the “soft dictatorship” Trudeau greatly admires in Communist nations such as China.

Based on the meme derived from a public question forum held in February 2018:

We like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind.


Trudeau, please speak for yourself and don’t say “we”. I’d imagine at least 60% of voting Canadians don’t like talking Newspeak.

At least that’s my hope, otherwise Canada is so screwed.

*     *     *

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