The pot calling the kettle black: George Soros criticizes Facebook for out-Sorosing Soros

Market manipulator extraordinaire George Soros recently criticized Facebook and Google at the Davis Economic Forum:

Billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros slammed Facebook and Google, two companies he’s invested in recently, noting that “the rise and monopolistic behavior” of tech platform companies has become a “global problem.”

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Soros, called out Facebook and Google for “exploiting” social environments and causing “a variety of problems.” He even suggested that the companies could be tempted to “compromise themselves” to gain access to markets such as Russia and China.

“The owners of the platform giants consider themselves the masters of the universe, but in fact they are slaves to preserving their dominant position. It is only a matter of time before the global dominance of the US IT monopolies is broken, Soros said. “Davos is a good place to announce that their days are numbered. Regulation and taxation will be their undoing, and EU Competition Commissioner Vestager will be their nemesis.”

Soros, 87, believes one of the critical problems these networks cause is their ability to influence how people think and behave, often without them even being aware of it. “This has far-reaching adverse consequences on the functioning of democracy, particularly on the integrity of elections,” he added.

It is apparent that Soros and his Open Society Foundations have lost their influential edge in the now technocratic world.  Despite both Soros and Facebook both pushing the neo-Marxist line, the latter is using the ideology to greater effect than the former. In other words, Soros’ bribes via his “investments” in Facebook and Google have only made Facebook and Google stronger in its ability to brainwash the public, which was Soros’ specialty prior to the rise of social media. Soros was funding his own downfall and empowering his competitors.

Soros had full knowledge of the influential power of big data firms such as Facebook and Google which I presume is why he “invested” in them.  His high road speech here is detailing something he knew all along and not a recent revelation. Reading between the lines, I suspect he realized the big tech companies have eclipsed his ability to influence. The companies now control him and his finances rather than the other way around. This is his attempt to manipulate the markets to skew the power back in his favour. By turning the public against social media and big data, he is hoping Facebook and Google will cede its current influential status so that Soros would regain some of his.

Perhaps the rabbit hole goes deeper than that and my assumptions are naive. But sometimes I think we just need to apply Occam’s Razor here and assume the neo-Marxist parties aren’t collaborating. They are fighting to be the powerful hidden dictators behind the growing global, postmodern, neo-Marxist movement. Soros didn’t sow the seeds — pouring billions to inject ideology in politics, academia and media — only to have the fruits of his labour leeched by the technocrats.

Most of what he says about the technocrats are true. The owners do consider themselves masters of the universe, a title Soros wants back.  Social media was deliberately engineered to be psychologically damaging, as I’ve detailed thoroughly in many articles. He correctly states:

“Social media companies deceive their users by manipulating their attention and directing it towards their own commercial purposes. They deliberately engineer addiction to the services they provide. This can be very harmful, particularly for adolescents. There is a similarity between internet platforms and gambling companies. Casinos have developed techniques to hook gamblers to the point where they gamble away all their money, even money they don’t have.”

The impact on human attention in the digital age is “very harmful” and “may be irreversible,” Soros warned.

And he wasn’t just referring to distraction or addition. “Social media companies are inducing people to give up their autonomy. The power to shape people’s attention is increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few companies,” he said. “It takes a real effort to assert and defend what John Stuart Mill called ‘the freedom of mind.’ There is a possibility that once lost, people who grow up in the digital age will have difficulty in regaining it. This may have far-reaching political consequences. People without the freedom of mind can be easily manipulated.

It is incredibly hypocritical for him to make such statements considering all of the activism he and the OSF funds to influence the public sphere in politics, academia and the media, manipulating the minds of the young for his own personal gain. Nevertheless, from a rational and unbiased viewpoint, his comments on the current big data monopoly are correct. This is unsurprising considering he is an expert in public manipulation.

It would be mind-blowing if Soros funded some of the prior research detailing the psychological harm of Facebook and social media. Imagine if Jean Twange and Jonathan Haidt were backed by Soros? That would be a severe plot twist in this ridiculous movie we are living in today.

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