The solution to polarized politics that has infected EVERYTHING

There’s nowhere you can escape from politics (this blog article included).

Your workplace is infected, starting with human resource departments and mandatory sensitivity training. Coffee break talk probably revolves around politics.

Silicon Valley is infected. All your tech toys and social media now have political leanings. New features revolve around limiting what you can say and do.

If you don’t laugh with me, you don’t “get it”.

Hollywood is infected. Movies and television series can’t help but inject their political opinion subversively or directly. All late night talk shows are now hosted by commentators whose aim is to not be funny, but to persuade you how to think politically. If you don’t laugh and agree with them, it makes you feel that you don’t “get it”.

Sports are infected. The NBA and NFL are trying to sway you politically. #TakeTheKnee? If you aspire to be like the pros, then you’d better take a knee too, even though it has nothing to do with developing skill in the sport itself.

Academia is infected. Universities are no longer institutions of higher learning and discovery. Elementary schools and high schools have new curricula to teach kids to think the way government wants them to think.

Your social circle is infected. You can’t help but notice that your simple group gatherings has more random comments about Trump out of nowhere, or the latest in race/gender/identity politics.

When polarized politics has infected everything and you can’t go a day without hearing about it, then you’ve known that government has grown too big. If you are cornered into talking about politics rather than your own life, the lives of your friends or your community, then it ultimately means politicians and their puppet masters control your destiny more than you do.

The solution is to shrink the power of the state and bring back autonomy. Don’t allow a bunch of immature adults create policy on every aspect of your life. Control has rapidly left you and the individual, escaped your peers and the community, left the town and out of the county, and into the hands of a few megalomaniacs at a national and global level.

Yet, everyone is uselessly focused on picking sides: left versus right and liberal versus conservative.  None of this would matter if governments didn’t wield so much power to begin with.  You can still hold a liberal view or a traditional conservative view individually without the need for a government to enforce that way of life on a national or global scale.

Fewer bureaucrats means there would be less ammunition for lobbyist groups and big corporate money.  There would be less government to bribe, less bad policy and legislation, and thus less influence on the way you think. There would be fewer guns pointed at you for having a different opinion.

It’s too bad when elections arrive, you can’t simply vote: “none of the above”.

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I try to limit the amount of articles isolated to politics as it exacerbates the infection, but unlike most political commentary, this article is discussing root problems and solutions rather than encouraging you to “pick a side”.

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