Thursday Thoughts: baking in hyperbole and outrage in western culture

In Canada, why is snow in Winter considered a special weather statement?

Nowadays, weather sites like feel like they need to constantly issue a giant red warning icon to remind all of us that we do indeed live in Canada, and sometimes it snows in Winter.

We live in peak clickbait times. Everything is breaking news. Everything is a red alert. It won’t be long until we get weather warnings when it is pleasant and sunny outside: Danger! Cancerous UV rays present! Stay indoors and help those in need seek shelter!

Let’s take 10,000 of these overreacting people and have them teach machine learning algorithms

Perhaps a decade ago, I would praise Google for developing state of the art AI that managed to present very relevant content through search, outclassing Yahoo!, AltaVista, Lycos and every other dot-com 1.0 engine.

Today, likely hiring the same class of sissies that think 1 cm of snow deserves a red alert and special weather statements, Google is now baking in the political bias and hyper-sensitive reactions of the current cohort of Marxist graduates into its machine learning algorithms.

Like I warned in my article about big data algorithms, machine learning AI can be taught to mimic the same group-think that is being spread in postmodern humanities courses.

In one example, it is alleged that members of the duplicitous Southern Poverty Law Center group has a substantial influence over Google’s AI inputs, by being one of the manual moderators of content that identify what they view as “controversial” material.  Of course, along the same lines 1 cm of snow is considered extreme weather, something as innocuous as a “self-improvement tips for men” is seen as dangerously misogynistic and perpetuating the “patriarchy” and classified as “hate speech”. SPLC will flag anything if it expedites their agenda, thereby encouraging Google AI to flag everything similar to speed up that process even further.

Hyper-sensitivity and overt political correctness begets more of the same

With growing levels of tyranny and censorship that Mao would be proud of, the ethereal mind police is becoming ever more omnipresent.

Eric Weinstein sees the chain of influence that began in the indoctrination centers, i.e. public schools and postmodernist-ridden humanities courses in university, propagating to popular culture via current media, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat, search engines, television and movies.  Take a look at his recent observation in which he caught Google red-handed for manipulated shopping search results immediately in the aftermath of the gun-control debate. It is concretely evident that Google’s search algorithms lack neutrality since search results can be flipped on and off at will:

By baking in the bias into the AI, technological media like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and search engines can and will exhibit the same controlled bias as is commonly known to be proliferated by television and Hollywood. It’s pretty evident that with perpetual moral outrage, it reinforces the effectiveness of 1 cm snow red alert and breaking news clickbait. People are now conditioned to overreact to what would otherwise be trivial news. They are ripe for manipulation and coerced into supporting drastic, disproportionate change as everyone becomes progressively thin-skinned.

Eventually when the majority of the population believe they are entitled to stay in these constructed “safe spaces”, that majority become more willing to sacrifice individual freedom to avoid the slightest hint of danger. That majority will run to mommy and daddy government and technocracy to shield them, lest be faced with more warnings and devastating news headlines suggesting more triggering, potential discomfort in the future.

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