Thursday Thoughts: cryptocurrency hype is dead, enough with Russia

Thursday Thoughts are a series of recent observations too short to merit their own article, but still important when analyzing today’s technological, economic and psychological trends.

A moment of silence for cryptocurrencies

Another 10% rout today brings the total drop-off over 50% within the span of six weeks for BitCoin and many other cryptos.  The hype is dead.

Hits to my Monero mining guide have dropped off significantly.  In fact, it is barely receiving even 10% of the hits it was getting at the beginning of this year.  Peak interest has passed and there are fewer suckers to reel in. The psychological stimulus is waning.  Now it’ll take fundamentals to drive the price upward, but I think I’ve done enough analysis to show that the fundamentals aren’t there either.

Dave Rubin interview with Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro


The great thing about a rational approach and analyzing from first principles is that you’ll end up at the same conclusions as others that adopt the same line of critical thinking, which would otherwise appear as an impossibility if you were to strictly use in-group preferences as the basis for agreement.  That’s what has brought Rubin, Peterson and Shapiro together — three men from very different walks of life that have been brought together simply by reasoning from first principles.

Contrast this with the current wave of postmodern thinking which relies on mob mentality and collectivism. It is nearly impossible for postmodernism to spread without group-think and propaganda, and thus requires the top-down approach of disseminating the ideology using academia, Hollywood, the media, and the government.

Logic can thrive naturally at the independent, individual level, and the consensus among rational thinking individuals can cultivate a sense of community without needing to act as a lynch mob to defend its conclusions.

Twitter and Facebook on the other hand …

Speaking of group-think and propaganda to disseminate ideology, here we have Twitter and Facebook doing what they do best.

Nothing says being afraid of rational discourse more than the unending attempts to control discourse itself.  Rather than present all sides of an argument, the social media giants are fully on-board with being the arbiters of “fake news” so that the masses will only see their point of view.

Twitter’s anti-Russian propaganda effort, according to their latest blog post update, is censoring content at an alarming pace, and simultaneously suggesting to its users that they hold wrong opinions because at some point they “liked” or “retweeted” the content that they censored.  Their lack of evidence and the loose connections they hint at claiming the content was from the enigmatic “IRA”, a Russian spy agency, speaks volumes. One, it requires a giant leap of faith to believe that Twitter and Facebook are being sincere and doing this for the benefit of humankind.  Two, it assumes its users are incapable of thinking for themselves. Three, it assumes all such content from these “Russian bots” is objectively wrong, which leads to four, Twitter and Facebook assume they are absolutely right — no questions asked.

It’s another case of the pot calling the kettle black. They are purportedly blocking propaganda, but in reality they are promoting the remaining propaganda on the platform, primarily that of neo-Marxist identity politics and class division. Let all swindling efforts be shown so that logic and rational thinking can disassemble them all. But once you grant power to the technocratic ideologues to openly favour their propaganda over the other, then the pigeonholing makes it much more difficult to gather all the information we need to come to logical conclusions on our own.

By all means stop automated accounts from spamming, but this whole warning campaign and playing the role of thought police needs to stop. Enough with blaming everything on the Russians. Russians are people too.

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