Trudeau’s failed trade talks: are Canadians finally seeing through the smoke and mirrors?

All show and no go.  When aesthetic is chosen over practicality and effectiveness, we get the current situation with the Trudeau government.

Not to say that any of the other choices were particularly great at the last election, but it was just a matter of time Canada would embarrass themselves internationally with the choice of Trudeau as Prime Minister, particularly when many of the anecdotal reasons for electing him (primarily from younger female voters) revolved around:

  • Wearing fun socks
  • Looking like Aladdin
  • Legalizing pot
  • Making the cabinet 50:50 gender ratio

Government, while ideally small to not override individual freedoms, still has a role to play in society.  Negotiating international trade on behalf of all Canadians is one of those roles.  Pushing postmodern ideology and being photogenic are not.  Clearly, negotiation skill and diplomacy never made many voters’ lists of requirements at the ballot box. Many opted for socks rather than smarts.

With Canada’s third failure to negotiate trade this political term, will Canadians finally recognize reality and stop trying to look good and instead be effective?  The key is to stop trying to give the illusion of virtuousness, but go back to making merit-based choices and selecting the best people for the job.

I don’t need to comment about how the failed China trade negotiations turned about to be a huge waste of time and money for Canadian taxpayers as it has been covered enough by various media outlets, even by the CBC.

The good news though is that the comment section on the CBC article, a rare thing to be open on the CBC, is showing signs of hope. More and more Canadians are waking up to the fact that ideologues have taken over parliament: unskilled talking-heads concerned more about appearance than effectiveness. When coupled with the Lindsay Shepherd case, Canadians are beginning to see through the media, academia and government’s smoke and mirror show.  Perhaps there is hope for Canada in the long run.

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