YouTube and Twitter are dropping subscribers and followers, and here’s why

Is it a bug?

Not likely. But the social media tech giants won’t admit to anything to keep their range of excuses open.

Software developers and engineers are aware how absurd a bug would have to be for subscriptions on YouTube or followers on Twitter to suddenly be “lost”. It isn’t the type of data that is volatile. It is data that is stable, binary (on or off), and read-only up until the point the user forcefully wants to unsubscribe or un-follow.

For it to be an honest bug, there would have to be a lot of read and write massaging of the subscriber/follower data going on. But why would that be necessary? If it isn’t a bug, then there is a purposefully designed algorithm, kept in secret, that is purging this data.

Since it is likely not a bug, but is instead likely an intentional direct scrubbing of the data, then it is clear that someone up the management chain decided to meddle with the users’ free choice of who they want to subscribe to or follow.

There is without a doubt active censorship going on. Commentators that don’t adhere to the opinions of management and their lobbyists are being silenced. Regardless of their political stance, their attack on free speech and free expression by these media platforms is a dangerous and slippery slope. It is a modern day book burning done stealthily and without visible fires.

Technologists and software developers need to do their part and warn everyone of the fire.

Support alternative tech and avoid the large social media conglomerates (Facebook, Twitter, Google) until the censorship stops.

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