Bill C-16: a legal interpretation

An excellent take down of the legal aspects of Bill C-16 by D. Jared Brown highlights the totalitarian path Canada is heading towards by mandating compelled speech.

Merry Christmas, Canada.

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If you don’t like the state pointing guns at you forcing to say what you may not believe in, you may like the lack of big government at

Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan talk about the rise of Marxism and social justice in western culture

Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners.
– George Carlin

Canadian parliament has recently passed, very quietly and unbeknownst to the public, Bill C-16, a bill that amends the Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code, citing that using incorrect pronouns one “identifies with” constitutes hate speech and harassment, and thus a criminal offense.

The enactment also amends the Criminal Code to extend the protection against hate propaganda set out in that Act to any section of the public that is distinguished by gender identity or expression and to clearly set out that evidence that an offence was motivated by bias, prejudice or hate based on gender identity or expression constitutes an aggravating circumstance that a court must take into consideration when it imposes a sentence.

This is a direct tenet of cultural Marxism, forcing language on to others, under the guise of equality and compassion. This latest wave of political correctness, something that has been slowly trending in the past few decades but has been exponentially blowing up in the last five years or so, is disconcerting. Canada has always been left-leaning, with essentially all parties of government on the same side of the political spectrum, just to varying degrees. Now it is dangerously leaning to the radical left. Not even the Conservative Party opposes this piece of legislation.

Dr. Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan discuss this phenomenon in a comprehensive three hour long interview. Dr. Peterson, a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, is a vocal critic of Bill C-16, citing it as a huge fall down the slippery slope of radical left ideology that has swept western culture. His claim that forced speech, especially speech predicated against scientific biological truths, obscures the truth from those that seek it. The path to truthful speech requires free speech. If everyone is forced to lie, not only does it make it difficult to seek the truth, it grants excessive power to those that control the narrative. After more than forty years of studying the rise of murderous, radically left regimes such as the Soviet Empire and Mao’s China, he claims that history is starting to repeat itself.

The continued use of free speech to vocally oppose damaging pieces of legislation like Bill C-16 is necessary before it escalates into violence, either as a result of mass conformity or repressed opposition. The latter is conceivable, with the radical right now growing as a reaction to the policies of radically left-leaning government and society.

I have broken up the interview between Dr. Peterson and Joe Rogan into short, shareable and easily digestible one to five minute segments.  The full interview can be found here.

Current social justice movement is like 1930’s Soviet Union dekulakization (1:21)

Millennials learn social justice, not Communist history, doomed to repeat it (3:44)

The obvious problem with equality of outcome (1:17)

Why affirmative action and diversity quotas are inherently sexist and racist (1:24)

Why intellectually lazy people believe in the wage gap (2:19)

Some degree of marginalization is required for a healthy society (1:14)

SJWs and Stalinists both attribute success to oppression (3:50)

Boiling frog strategy of Marxism will lead to ordinary people doing terrible things (2:56)

The truth about Hallowe’en (1:37)

Universities are NOT safe spaces (3:43)

Women’s Studies is a taxpayer subsidized radical revolution (4:33)

Universities have turned into ideological factories (0:59)

Irrational and subjective radical ideology now codified into law (0:54)

If you want to change the world you should change yourself (1:11)

Scientific truth versus religious truth (4:41)

Why society is in disarray and fiction like Harry Potter is enormously popular (1:03)

Absolute chaos (far left liberalism) vs. absolute order (far right conservatism) (4:46)

Jordan Peterson calls out the hyprocrisy of anti-capitalists (0:37)

Jordan Peterson explains why he put his job on the line to protest Bill C-16 (1:14)

Intelligence and morality are not correlated (1:36)

Jordan Peterson can picture himself as an Auschwitz camp guard (1:36)

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There are no laws forcing you what to say at

Echo chambers: Facebook and social media need to be scrapped

Social media is perhaps the biggest misnomer today. Social media has played a major role in the rapid ascent of cultural Marxism that has enveloped academia, television, the press and urban centres in the past decade. The term “echo chamber” accurately describes this phenomenon, and illustrates a good reason to rename Facebook and the like as anti-social media:

Excerpt from Jordan Peterson’s Nov. 16, 2016 video (full video link)


The algorithms behind “Trending topics”, personalized Facebook feeds, Twitter feeds and YouTube video “Recommendations” are the driving forces behind social media technology. They will show only material that aligns with the user’s opinions, effectively filtering out any opposing viewpoints. Technologically and economically speaking for the social media companies, this business model works well in gaining repeat customers: users become addicted to the positive stimuli, hearing their viewpoints affirmed by thousands of friends, followers and others sharing similar sentiments. Socially and long-term economically speaking for society, however, these algorithms are nefarious, because it becomes extremely difficult for users to step back and analyze ideas from an independent, objective, and rational perspective. The current trend we are on, particularly now with these companies identifying and blocking what they deem to be “fake news”, is being forced to live in their echo chamber: a chamber that echoes the values of cultural Marxism, political correctness and economic socialism. This is not far from the propaganda campaigns that led to the rise of murderous Communist societies in the past.

Coupled with the fact that social media has also bred high levels of narcissism and hedonism, I would say the cons of social media significantly outweigh the pros. Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites need to be scrapped. Get rid of the recommendation and social media feed algorithms. Better yet, get off Facebook, step back into reality and get to know the rest of the world.

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Playing a game at is one way to escape the social media echo chamber.