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DeepL Translator Browser Extension/Add-on (en)

Thank you for using or your interest in the DeepL Translator Browser Extension/Add-on!

If you have a question or feedback, please post it in the comment section below.

If you like this extension, please make a donation and/or support my other work.

Support DeepL as well for providing us a great alternative to Google Translate. I am not affiliated in any way with DeepL.

Download Links

For the Brave/Chrome extension, click here.

For the FireFox add-on, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Nothing yet!

3 thoughts on “DeepL Translator Browser Extension/Add-on (en)”
  1. Love the addon but the entire page blinks when using it, I heard using the api solves that, I would be grateful if you improve the addon even further.

  2. Hello. By default the translation language is English. Every time the text is translated into English. How can I set other languages? The extension for Firefox doesn’t work well. The other languages option is empty.

  3. Could there be a main toogle in the menu?
    Having to toggle it on and off in the extensions page is a hassle and I dont want it to work on everything I hover over all the time. Other than that, you’re doing great work.

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