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DeepL Translator Browser Extension/Add-on (en)

Thank you for using or your interest in the DeepL Translator Browser Extension/Add-on!

If you have a question or feedback, please post it in the comment section below.

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Support DeepL as well for providing us a great alternative to Google Translate. I am not affiliated in any way with DeepL.

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For the Brave/Chrome extension, click here.

For the FireFox add-on, click here.

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19 thoughts on “DeepL Translator Browser Extension/Add-on (en)”
  1. Love the addon but the entire page blinks when using it, I heard using the api solves that, I would be grateful if you improve the addon even further.

    1. Thanks for the feedback.

      Firefox has the blinking issue, but Chromium browsers do not.

      The API solves it but requires a paid subscription with DeepL, and I’m trying to keep it free.

  2. Hello. By default the translation language is English. Every time the text is translated into English. How can I set other languages? The extension for Firefox doesn’t work well. The other languages option is empty.

    1. Thanks for the feedback.

      The other language option is not empty on my end on Firefox. Can you perhaps post a screenshot of it and link it here?

  3. Could there be a main toogle in the menu?
    Having to toggle it on and off in the extensions page is a hassle and I dont want it to work on everything I hover over all the time. Other than that, you’re doing great work.

    1. Thanks for the feedback.

      I’ll consider your suggestions in the next version. I haven’t had enough time to look at any of the issues (there are a few that need to be fixed), but hopefully soon I can get them.

  4. Hello!
    I am writing to inquire how could be fixed a next problem:
    When I mark a string for translate(for example on opened my page with whasapp is being closed by new page with (For example )
    So, it is quite uncomfortable to use Deepl extention.

    Is that problem known ?
    What could you reccommend to solve this problem?

    My OS is Windows 10 Pro (64bit) 20H2 19042.782
    browser is Chrome version 101.0.4951.54 64bit
    Deepl is taken from here

    Thank you for you usefull app!!

    1. Hi Dmitrii, it should be opening the DeepL page in a new tab.

      If it’s not, then it’s likely that new tab was used to navigate to WhatsApp (in your example). The add-on will try to reuse the same tab to query DeepL for a new translation, so it makes it navigate away from WhatsApp.

      The workaround here is to not use the new tab opened by the add-on for normal browsing. In the next update I will take into consideration not reusing a tab that isn’t currently on DeepL.

    1. Hi Anna, thanks for the comment. I’m not certain about that page in particular, but some pages disallow JavaScript interactions from add-ons. I will take a look into it for the next version.

    1. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think DeepL now has its own extensions available, so I won’t be making any further updates to this extension.

  5. Nice Addon. Using it in Firefox currently.

    I am wondering about the following behavior: When double-clicking a word to highlight it, a new tab is being opened (additionally to the small pop-up containing the translation) which shows the deepl Website for the translation.
    Is it somehow possible to disable the additional tab? I could not find a setting for it.

    1. At the time of development, having to open DeepL in a separate tab was required, in order to circumvent paid access using the DeepL API.

      I haven’t made any updates to the add-on since then because DeepL has its own extensions available now (if I’m not mistaken). If not and I find some time to update the add-on, I’ll consider an option to close the tab it uses to perform the translation.

  6. Hi, The Firefox extension (v 0.0.7) with Firefox 121.0 does not display the translation above the highlighted word as the description indicates. A pop-up window with moving dots appears for a few seconds, and then vanishes. The translation is visible in a separate tab but no in the popup.

    Is this a bug, or was I mis-reading the description and results are not really shown above the highlighted word on the original page?

    1. I just haven’t found time to update the plug-in since years ago when I released it. New browser updates probably rendered the plug-in ineffective. I might take a look at it soon since there still seem to be users of the plug-in.

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