Jonathan Haidt: Facebook is a social catastrophe

This blog has written on numerous occasions the psychological exploitation and damage Facebook inflicts on its users.

Jonathan Haidt, a psychologist at NYU, reveals findings from studies that demonstrate the negative impact of Facebook, social media and smartphones on the minds of the Internet generation:


In addition to Facebook’s cultivation of group-think and mob mentality, don’t forget its proclivity to invade the privacy of its users by harvesting personal data for corporations and the growing police state.  Also don’t forget its efforts to control your speech and thoughts via censorship and biased trending algorithms.

Armed with all the knowledge of how social media negatively affects today’s society, how anyone continues to habitually use Facebook is astonishing. I suppose the problem is that either people just don’t know, or know and don’t think they’re affected.  Do alcoholics know they have a drinking problem?  Are there enough sober people in society to stage an intervention?

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Thank you to Dr. Jordan Peterson and his team for having the interview and making it available on YouTube.  I have condensed Jonathan Haidt’s points about social media in to the video segment shown in this article.

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