Casual Events: how to host meetups for free (even if your group exceeds 50 members)

If you’re looking for an alternative to Meetup ( where you don’t have to pay a hefty monthly or semi-annual fee just to host events, refer your group to Casual Events!

Casual Events is a new platform that needs your help to grow. Since it is maintained by one person (me) you don’t have to subsidize conglomerate salaries to use the platform. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to have the app tailored to your needs since the platform is young and you will have direct one-on-one access with the developer for future features and fixes.

Nearly everything you do with Meetup can be done with Casual Events. We just need to spread the word!  You can access the app on your iPhone, Android phone or on any other device or desktop via the web app.

Best of all, the platform is ethical — something you won’t find with big tech and Silicon Valley. The site and ads don’t track you with cookies. It is purposely dissociated from social media so that your privacy is protected: no data mining, no invasive snooping, no selling your habits to third parties, no Big Brother.

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