Why mining cryptocurrency is unprofitable — an anecdote

Long story short:

  • had a particular machine mining XMR for less than a year
  • the CPU fans have worn out their bearings after spinning non-stop during that time
  • fans are now making loud high-pitched noises, filling my living quarters with unbearable noise, while simultaneous threatening a fried CPU

The cost of replacing the fans?  About twice as much as the equivalent value of all crypto mined so far by that machine.

This doesn’t even factor in the time and hassle required to repair the computer and energy costs and the pain, suffering, and loss of opportunity of using the CPU for better purposes.

*     *     *

Check out all my other cryptocurrency articles from the past year containing detailing why cryptocurrencies are destined to fail, successfully predicting the 70+% plummet in BitCoin valuations.  I still have my guide on mining XMR up, but I don’t even recommend you do it even with your CPU’s idle time.

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